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A Real Problem Solver

S-Track Poster

S-Track Journey

Information Theory:

  1. Logistic Regression
  2. Approaching Logistic Regression with Neural Network mindset

Logistic Regression

  1. Image Classification Using Machine Learning
  2. Image Classification : Machine Learning way vs Deep Learning way

Image Classification

  1. Morphological operations
  2. Exercise to extract the tabular structure in an invoice using Morphological operations

Morphological operations

  1. Basic Image Processing
    a. Rotation
    b. Resizing
    c. Flipping
    e. Cropping
    f. Image Arithmetic

Basic Image Processing



  1. Loading an Image from Disk
  2. Obtaining the ‘Height’, ‘Width’ and ‘Depth’ of Image
  3. Finding R,G,B components of the Image
  4. Drawing using OpenCV

Loading an Image from Disk:

Pixels are the building blocks of Images :

  1. Grayscale/single channel
  2. Color
Fig 1.1 This Image is 4000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels tall, total = 4000 * 3000 = 1,20,00,000 pixels


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