S-Track : Software for Schools — Guide

A Real Problem Solver

S-Track is a SaaS software product developed to overcome problems faced by school management, teachers and student/parents.

This article will help you understand the product and its features. The article contains the URL to a live demo of the application at its end.

S-Track Poster

S-Track Journey

S-Track is a comprehensive SaaS based ERP solution for schools, developed to solve real time problems faced by school’s day to day operations. S-Track as a product started it’s journey in 2015 to solve a Government aided school’s transport problem in a tier 3 city of Tamil Nadu, India. Later the product evolved to become a complete ERP solution to digitize entire operations of the school, solving problems that the school management, teachers, parents, students and non-teaching staffs faced in their day to day operations and activities.

S-Track Features


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